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What is Roku ?

Roku is a smart platform on which next generation internet based entertainment systems operate to deliver an advanced viewing refreshment. It has brought a whole lot of changes in the distribution of viewing content and has brought waves into the industry because of that. Roku devices of all kinds come with a plethora of features and benefits - you can view thousands of both free and paid streaming channels, movies, television shows, web series etc through its range of applications after the device is registered on the servers. Due to all these reasons, Roku platform and streaming devices are a very revolutionary change in the industry and have given a reason to a significant number of cable users to become cord cutters. Its proficiency in providing an excellent viewing experience has fetched it a lot of revenue as well as popularity.
Types of roku devices -
Various retailers across the US, both online and offline, provide 3 kinds of Roku devices having either standard, voice or gaming controls. Each kind of device can play assorted audio and video definitions, which makes it possible to use Roku on almost all kinds of television screens.

These gadgets are -
Sticks and Dongles
Roku Express
Roku Express+
Roku Premiere
Roku Premiere+
Roku Streaming Stick+
2) Boxes - These are quad core devices which are basically for heavy streamers. Roku Ultra is the only Roku box model.
3) Roku TV - These smart televisions are built on Roku platform and are manufactured by Major Brands like -
There is a wide range of Roku TV models - From 24” HD small screens to 75” big screens with 4K HDR and Dolby Vision.

Viewing experience with Roku

Roku gives your an unparalleled streaming experience with its new age servers and a variety of features.
1. 1000+ free and paid channels in ultraHD 4K definition through a variety of apps containing all kinds of popular, local, and indigenous channels like Roku Channel. You can visit the Channel Store for more Details.
2. 5000+ of free and rented movies, web series and TV shows from a variety of genres through a variety of apps and channels like Pluto TV etc.
3. 100+ apps to play subscription services like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sling, Vudu etc.
4. Roku app is there for Android and Apple Devices on app stores which provides features like -
Control Roku Devices and search for stuff using keyboard or voice
Connect headphones for private listening
Stream Roku Channel for free
Cast music, photos, and videos on TV
5. Exciting gaming apps like chess, checkers, foosball etc. which can be played using gaming controls.
6. No extra cost for activation or support for all devices under warranty periods. All of this is covered in the warranty.

4K compatible

Voice search-enabled remote

Private listening

More than 4000 Roku channels can be accessed

What is roku.com/link for ?

All Roku devices need to activated and registered to a roku ID so that they can used proficiently. After you unbox your Roku, connect it to a power supply, go ahead with the basic setup and setup internet connectivity on it, you need to follow the steps below to get your Roku working.
The process is very simple and the following steps need to be taken -
Log on to the official ROKU Website.
Click on “Activate A Device” on the top right corner of the webpage.
After that, choose one of the options so that you can get your device registered.
Create a new account
Login into existing account
New users have to create an account by giving some elementary information about themselves. Existing users can just login into their accounts.
4) After this you need to add channels to roku device and complete the remaining procedure.
Hurray! Your Roku device is now registered and you can see the the updations on the screen.

TECHNICAL ERRORS IN ROKU DEVICES (See what makes us different)

  • Running into some issues with roku devices is a common site. Here is a common list of errors -
  • Roku Lapse Code 001: This is a common issue with the activation of the devices and the addition of channels. You can contact our support 24/7 for immediate help.
  • Roku Lapse Code 003: Users might get this error while using the device on an older software version. Call us for help if you seem to be stuck.
  • Roku Lapse Code 009: This kind of lapse is experienced when your device is connected to router/wifi but the internet connection itself is faulty. If you are sure that your internet is working, you can call on our toll free no. for more help.
  • Roku Lapse Code 014: This happens when the device is not connected to an active internet connection. Try to connect it to a working internet connection. If you are still helpless, you can seek help from our professionals.
  • Roku Lapse Code 011: This lapse conveys that the software update of your device was not successful/ Abandoned. You can try to fix it by switching off the device and then switching it on. again so as to complete the update. If you still face this lapse, feel free to seek support from us
  • Roku Lapse Code 012: This error indicates a dysfunctional internet service. Try to restart your router/wifi or contact your internet service provider for troubleshooting. If it is still not resolved, then just call us and our specialists will help you out.

Uses of Third Party Roku Support

  • Roku lapses can be very irritating at times and support is required 24*7 so that the viewing experience is fulfilling and uninterrupted. The salient features of the support are below -
  • Intelligent Responses to All Questions : Get all your questions answered here, anywhere and anytime.
  • Quick Response : When you act, our agents react.
  • Cost Effective : There is no need of contacting local technicians whenever you feel like you need seek support. Just call us whenever you feel like you are stuck and we’ll be happy to help.
  • 24*7 Support : Our roku support agents are always at your service and can be contacted as and when required.
  • Immediate Resolution : We can resolve almost all of the queries instantaneously. Just call us for seeking resolution.
  • Adequately Experienced Team: Our agents have got years of experience at hand and can resolve most of the issues in minutes.
  • Support for All Devices - All of your devices are covered under the same ID are covered for support. Any new devices added to the same ID are also covered.
  • One can contact support as many times as they wish to. We are always happy to help!

Conclusion -

We can easily conclude at this moment that Roku is the internet based entertainment device in the market. Roku has solutions to all your entertainment needs - Whether you have an Old TV and want to convert into a smart TV, or you want a new one at your disposal at affordable prices. The range of benefits can help almost every viewer out there. Just sit back and relax, and binge watch all your stuff with Roku devices.